Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Carol did an absolutely phenomenal job writing The Angry Thunderstorm. The story appeals to children on many levels~initially, the rhyme and rhythm of the text captures their attention. Then they become awed by the charming illustrations. Plus the message of the story not only reassures them that thunderstorms mean them no harm, but actually help our world.

Yes, my three granddaughters all loved the book and begged for it to be read again and again.
After finishing the book, Anna who is 3, showed me her favorite picture in the whole book was the illustration of the thunderstorm as he "crept gently away" because it showed that he really wasn't angry! Ally, age 5, enjoyed the sounds and motions and by page 3 on the re-read, she actually "R-o-a-r-r-r-r-e-d!" with the thunderstorm. Emily, age 6 and in Kindergarten, loved the big words, like phenomenon!

As I have worked with schools lately, I have told them a bit about the book. Everyone gets excited (and that's before they have even held the book in their hands)! I hope each of you and all the young children you know will soon get to hold this wonderful book and enjoy all the words and illustrations that make The Angry Thunderstorm a truly special book!

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