Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smoosh People! A Sophie-isticated Idea from a Sophie-isticated Entrepreneur...

Today, I would like to introduce you to a sophisticated young reader and entrepreneur named, Sophie. Sophie's mother and I have worked at the same agency for several years. In fact, I have known Sophie since she was a baby. I have always enjoyed hearing Sophie's mother share stories about her latest escapades - mainly because Sophie thinks differently than most children her age. Her inquisitive nature begs for answers, adventure and experience. Perhaps that is why, at her young age, there is always a glimpse of the older, experienced and cultivated individual that we will get to know in the years to come.

Not too long ago, I recieved an email from Sophie's mother. It read, "Supporting tiny entrepreneur! Sophie has designed and produced twenty SmooshPeople. She will be selling them for ten cents by my desk today, starting at 10:15 am. [P.S. - I'll reimburse the dimes...but she is very excited and I would consider it a great favor.]" I was excited. I didn't know what SmooshPeople were, but they sounded neat. So, I pre-ordered thirty of them. At 10:03 am, I received another email from Mom, "Tiny Entrepreneur had opening night jitters. SmooshPeople still at factory. Will update when she is ready to unveil. [P.S. - Thanks for your patience.]" While I have never known Sophie to be shy or have jitters about anything...being an entrepreneur can be stressful at any age. That said, I was happy to remain patient for my order.

The next morning...

I opened the next email from Mom. It read, "It's on! Spurred by YOUR interest, Sophie will be unveiling the SmooshPeople at 11:30 am in my area. [P.S. - For those of you who pre-paid, we will deliver your's personally.]"

I knew that Sophie's Mom had purchased The Angry Thunderstorm for Sophie. When I opened my bag of SmooshPeople, here is what I saw... Little Thunderstorm SmooshPeople. Each spongey SmooshPerson had black cloud hair. While you can't see it in the picture, each of their arms were painted lightning bolts. And their emotions went from grumpy to a little concerned. Then, from sad to happy...just like the book! I was THRILLED! Like the thunderstorms we encounter, each Smooshie is different and unique. I have them hanging on my peg board at work. It was the best five dollars I have ever spent. I know what you're thinking. I only ordered thirty of them... I threw in two dollars for shipping and handling.

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