Friday, May 1, 2009

For Gabriella

A nice letter from Manuel G. read:

My daughter, Gabriella, will be five years old this month. She is afraid of storms. This is a GREAT book for her and will be a birthday present. Thank you for writing this book. The illustrations are really cool!

Dear Manuel,

The Angry Thunderstorm was written with children like Gabriella in mind. Fear of storms is a common anxiety in children that sometimes follows them into adulthood. The purpose of this book is to help guide children beyond what is happening to focus on why it is happening in hopes of helping them understand why storms, while unpleasant, are necessary – and important!

When writing the story, it was important that the information be delivered in an honest and truthful manner, and told in an encouraging way. In the midst of all the racket, the misunderstood storm works very hard to give us many things we need to live and be sustained. This is reinforced through the illustrations. I will pass your compliment on to my neice, Rachel. She is a wonderfully talented young lady; and, without her talent, The Angry Thunderstorm would be just a story.

I hope Gabriella enjoys the book and that it helps her see this phenomenon in a different light.

Thank you so much for the kind note!


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