Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet The Illustrator - Rachel Henson

Cramming for final exams is not the only thing on Rachel Henson's mind these days. Rachel, 17, is seeing her talents come to life in a new book, The Angry Thunderstorm, released April 1, 2009.

“Drawing has always been a pastime and a passion for me,” says Henson. “When my aunt told me that she had written a children’s book, I jumped at the opportunity to be her illustrator.” ‘So, last summer, while friends were spending time at the mall or at the pool, I was drawing,” says Henson.

The author (Henson’s Aunt, Carol Henson Keesee) readily acknowledges that the story would be nothing without her niece’s talent. “In order to bring the story to life, we had to bring the Thunderstorm to life,” says Keesee. ”How do you take something so inanimate and give it emotion and personality?” “It was not just a matter of drawing a picture; she had to conceptualize this character and translate him to paper in a way that children could identify with his change in character and mood.” How did she do? “She nailed it.”

The Angry Thunderstorm published by AuthorHouse®, is one of the few books addressing a child’s fear of storms. It is a comforting story that teaches children that great gifts come with all the racket that a thunderstorm brings; and helps them move beyond what is happening to understand why it is happening. The imagery is vibrant and dramatic and lends itself to a storyline that takes the reader on a journey from uncertainty to understanding—transforming the dreaded thunderstorm from foe to friend.

Recently asked what she hopes the book will accomplish, Henson responded, “I hope the book will help calm children’s fears of storms.” “I hope it will help parents explain why Thunderstorms are important.” More importantly – “I hope it will help me on my path to a rewarding career that I am passionate about.”

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