Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Little Faith...

I received this email from a friend today and I just had to share it. But first, you have to know a little bit about Faith.

Faith got her name because she was a blessing to her parents. One of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen, she has big blues eyes that would melt butter. She is not only adored by her parents, she receives a lot of love and attention from her older sister, Tiffany...as well as Tiffany's countless friends. This beautiful 4-year-old girl takes all that love in, then she spreads it around. And when she accepts you into her heart, you become "hers." I am honored to be "my Miss Carol" to Faith; and, I can honestly say that "my Faith" has given this author a lifted spirit and a heartwarming smile.


Thank you so much for the autographed books for Faith and Tiffany. I read The Angry Thunderstorm to Faith on Thursday for the first time. We had to read it twice before bedtime. Not only did she enjoy the story, she had to take the book to bed and sleep with it.

Friday is storybook day at her daycare. Faith insisted on taking The Angry Thunderstorm to school with her; and she made sure the whole class knew that "her Miss Carol" had signed her book. The teacher said the whole class of about twelve students (ages 3-4) sat and listened intently to the whole story. They all loved it! That alone says a lot about the wonderful story you have written and how the illustrations bring the characters to life. Twelve (3-4 year olds) sitting still for a whole book...now that's amazing!

I can't wait to read...woops! I mean Faith can't wait (LOL) for your next book. This is truly a wonderful story that I would recommend to anyone with children.

Faith's preschool would like for you to visit for an author day. Be expecting a call from them. Let me know when you set the date. I would love to take tiem from work the day of your reading.

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