Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There are different meanings for this one word. You can recover something that you have lost...like a bracelet or an old friendship. You can re-cover an old chair...something I have thought about frequently as I sit practicing another meaning of the word - recuperate.

Last week, I had surgery on my throat. Nothing major. A scar that will fade soon (I hope) and test results that were positive and promising. According to my doctor, my job now is to stay still, comfortable and quiet. Obviously, Dr. Austin has never been to my house.

The first few days were fine. I slept most of the time. Thanks to some great pain medication, I didn't much care about anything other than sleeping. Since my mother was there to help me out with things around the house, that is pretty much all I did. Thanks, Mom! I really appreciate it!

Having just released The Angry Thunderstorm in April, I completely understood the importance of staying quiet and letting things heal so that my voice would come back strong. I am sure the "quiet" was welcomed for my husband and my children. No discussion of bills or to-do lists. No yelling at the kids to clean their rooms. I think the hardest part about being quiet was not being able to root for the Texas Longhorn Baseball team as they played LSU in the College World Series - especially in a nail-biter like last night's Game One. I would have loved to have given the umpire at home plate some sound advice on calling. Instead, I sat on the couch agonizing quietly. We'll get them tonight. Hook 'Em Horns!

This morning, I resumed my perch on the couch; and instead of being restful, I am restless. I have spent almost a week perched here recovering and today, I honestly feel that my house would be better served with a recovery. I look around and everywhere I look, there is something that I could be doing. The floors need to be mopped. The laundry is piling up. The dust is settling on the furniture. And I am going crazy. Sorry Doc! Today, I might have to break the silence.

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